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My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1888 ratings )
Productivity Finance
Developer: AvocSoft LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.2.2, last update: 1 month ago
First release : 25 Nov 2012
App size: 105.38 Mb

MyWB+ can help anyone save money, college students, couples, anyone living on a budget! Designed with simplicity in mind, includes Sync between iPhone/iPad, budget for 1 or 2weeks, half-month, monthly. It only takes a few seconds to use this app and to stay on top of your budget!

My Weekly Budget®+ (MyWB+) is the easiest way to keep track of your day to day spending and take control of your personal spending budget!

How to use My Weekly Budget+

1. Select your budget period (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half Month, Monthly), choose the date to start your budget
2. Set yourself a budget target for that timeframe
3. Enter your spending with a uniquely simple, straight forward interface
4. Instantly see how your spending affects your budget

Additional MyWB+ features include:

• See how much of your set budget you have at any given time
• Ability to review your spending patterns- find out where your money is going!
• Syncing between devices using iCloud
• Designed and optimized for both iPhone and iPad, a universal app!
• Easy to move your data from MyWB to MyWB+
• Ability to export your spending information from MyWB+ to other applications on your computer via email
• View full History of your spending, sortable by date, price, alphabetically, or even group similar items together

At the end of each period, a brief summary is presented showing how well (or badly?!) you have done against your spending target. Any money not spent may be carried over to the next period, so you can reward yourself with higher spending or choose to save it for a rainy day! Any money you received (birthday presents, cash-back on a pair of shoes you returned etc.) may also be added to your current periods spending plan if you choose.

MyWB+ is completely customizable:

• Customizable spending categories that fit your spending habits, create your own categories too!
• Budgeting periods of 1 Week, 2 Week, Half-Month or 1 Month!
• Supports all international currencies - define your own custom currency formats
• Select your date format
• Create a list of your Favorite Categories
• Add/Delete/Arrange your Categories

Use MyWB+ for a more complete spending budget tool. Keep money in your pocket and save money with this real time budgeting app! It is easy to use, straight forward and flexible enough to work for your lifestyle.

My Weekly Budget®+ can help anyone save money, including:

+ Men
+ Women
+ Teens
+ College Students
+ Professionals
+ Couples
+ Families
+ Seniors
+ Anyone living on a budget
+ Anyone looking to save money

Pros and cons of My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) app for iPhone and iPad

My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) app good for

Love it!! Having a visual aid( rather than just swiping a credit card) helps keep me on budget and question if I really want to spend what is left of my budget on an impulse purchase!
An excellent, easy way to monitor your spending by week (or month, etc.).
This app has helped me out so much with my spending habits I love it!
Makes budgeting the money you use for frivolous day to day things so easy! Been using this app for years for my pocket money.
Highly recommend this app, its helped my wife and I stay on track big time. Syncs all transactions via the cloud from all devices, exports to a spreadsheet easily, very intuitive. Very slick little app!

Some bad moments

Pros: It breaks down your budget weekly when most apps only allow for monthly budgets. Cons: You cant enter dates or places of your purchases. Theres no option to input your auto draft expenses (electricity and phone bills come out automatically every month, its easy to forget that money is already spent). Theres no way to chart the bigger picture of your week to week spending added up over time. The design isnt very pleasing or easy to maneuver, its not engaging enough to keep up constant use. This app is basically just a calculator.
Horrible. It says iCloud backup but never works. It us export option but its crap doesnt work either. Overall nice concept but has no thought in the code or algorithm to make it work.
I am sure I would lvoe this app it it would work. Only sometimes opens and will not let me do anything in it :(
I used to use this app daily for the past year+. Since iOS 8 and iCloud Drive, the app doesnt work on my phone any longer. Please update your app.
Simple but keeps me on budget. Ive never found any system that works as well for me as this.
Cant actually create a spending plan. You can only track spending.

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