My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) App Reviews

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Not worth the $2

Pros: It breaks down your budget weekly when most apps only allow for monthly budgets. Cons: You cant enter dates or places of your purchases. Theres no option to input your auto draft expenses (electricity and phone bills come out automatically every month, its easy to forget that money is already spent). Theres no way to chart the bigger picture of your week to week spending added up over time. The design isnt very pleasing or easy to maneuver, its not engaging enough to keep up constant use. This app is basically just a calculator.

Piece of crap

Horrible. It says iCloud backup but never works. It us export option but its crap doesnt work either. Overall nice concept but has no thought in the code or algorithm to make it work.


Exactly what I was needing, thank you!!!!!

Visual aid

Love it!! Having a visual aid( rather than just swiping a credit card) helps keep me on budget and question if I really want to spend what is left of my budget on an impulse purchase!

Simple, easy to use, effective

An excellent, easy way to monitor your spending by week (or month, etc.).

Awesome app!!!

This app has helped me out so much with my spending habits I love it!

Crash and not work

I am sure I would lvoe this app it it would work. Only sometimes opens and will not let me do anything in it :(

Needs compatibility with iOS 8

I used to use this app daily for the past year+. Since iOS 8 and iCloud Drive, the app doesnt work on my phone any longer. Please update your app.

Never had so much money

Makes budgeting the money you use for frivolous day to day things so easy! Been using this app for years for my pocket money.

Slick app

Highly recommend this app, its helped my wife and I stay on track big time. Syncs all transactions via the cloud from all devices, exports to a spreadsheet easily, very intuitive. Very slick little app!

Great App

Helps me keep track of spending, but could use more options.


Great app.


Best app for day to day week to week tracking

Fantastic App!

Great way to manage your weekly spending!

Great app

Simple but keeps me on budget. Ive never found any system that works as well for me as this.


Cant actually create a spending plan. You can only track spending.

Didnt fit my needs

You cant do anything worth while with this app. Waisted money ...

Great app!

Love this app. I have tried 10 or so looking for the perfect one and this is the one. It helps me easily track our family budget. I used to rely on our electronic banking until it had a problem and I was lost. I love the cloud feature of this app as well. Now that they have added the note feature I couldnt ask for more. Love it!!! Definitely worth buying.


I really thought this would be a great app to keep track of my weekly budget. But I have tried everything to sync this app between my iPad and iPhone but I was unsuccessful.


This app isnt what I thought it was going to be at all. I thought you would enter in your income, how much you have in bills, and how much you want to save and it would budget you... Nope. Nothing like that. Its stupid.

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