My Weekly Budget+ (MyWB+) App Recensioni

Bad Product

This is one of the most useless apps I have ever purchased. It is essentially nothing more than a checkbook register. Save your money and do not buy.

Simple and straightforward

I love mint and other sites like it but I find this simple one best for just managing my daily spending and staying on track :) I find the input super easy and I like that you can create categories on the fly and export to Csv file if you need.

Does not work

I have the latest os version and this app does not work. Save your money and don’t buy it. I had high hopes for it bc it looks like it has what I am looking for but this company just took my $2...that’s not right.

Piece of crap

Horrible. It says iCloud backup but never works. It has export option but it's crap doesn't work either. Overall nice concept but has no thought in the code or algorithm to make it work. The app will crash and delete all your information

Excellent 😀

Forget the other budget apps. This one really works and keeps me on track.

The best

Tried other apps but to hard to use or to complicated. This is the best - easy to use and lots of features.

This is all I need!

Great for keeping track of my spending!

Great app!

Like it a lot. Lots of features and easy to use

Love it!

Great user friendly budget app.

Best budget app I've used

I love this app! I've tried YNAB, Every Dollar, and two others that I can't recall the names and I disliked them all. The main thing I wanted was a budget app that let me budget weekly not monthly. This is perfect for that. This does let you choose monthly if that is what you want tho! It doesn't have bells and whistles which I prefer. The only small quibble I have is I wish it let you change the date of the transaction when entering it. The date is changeable but you have to 1st enter it and then go back and edit to change the date. You know sometimes you just forget to enter on the day! Overall this is awesome for me.

All under control!

Recommend to use it for all people participating in family budget!


Exactly what I was needing, thank you!!!!!

Not worth the $2

Pros: It breaks down your budget weekly when most apps only allow for monthly budgets. Cons: You can't enter dates or places of your purchases. There's no option to input your auto draft expenses (electricity and phone bills come out automatically every month, it's easy to forget that money is already spent). There's no way to chart the bigger picture of your week to week spending added up over time. The design isn't very pleasing or easy to maneuver, it's not engaging enough to keep up constant use. This app is basically just a calculator.

Pretty much horrible

App is nothing more than a glorified calculator with notes. I purchased this app based on the description stating it was a budget app that would allow you to create a budget with different categories. This is absolutely false. You are only able to enter ONE amount and then add entries that subtract from that amount. You can't even add dates to when you made the purchases so you're a day late you're screwed. Which is ironic bc anyone that needs a budget app probably isn't the best at jumping right in and recording their purchases. It's apps like this that make me wish I could demand my money back just on the pure principle of bad advertising and crappy products.


Pretty good app stats should be based off what one spends weekly instead of monthly

Doesn't work

Purchased. Does not work on iPhone 6+. Can't get a refund. 😢

Great help for staying on budget

I love this app for helping me to stay on budget and reconcile to my bank account. It's great! It lets me know how much I have to spend. I do wish the list of categories were shown in alphabetical order.

Best thing I ever did!

I'm horrible with my money and this app has saved my life. It helps me to see my weekly spending habits and watch my money disappear. I never realized how much money I would spend on crap I didn't need.

Love this app to stay within my budget!

Super user-friendly and it keeps me mindful of my spending habits. Highly recommend!

Love it

And they took my advice to enhance for the iPhone 6+

Simple, do-able

I find it so easy to keep up w/my spending w/this app. The interface is pleasant, easy, almost game-like. SO simple to enter where and how much; almost as easy to correct/adjust that data as well as date, even to change a debit to a credit!! I'd think it was perfect if it were easier to change the start over date and amount. If that changes, I'll give it a fifth star.

Great simple app

Great app...can't figure our how to edit spending categories


this app was the biggest waste of $1.99. it doesn't even work.

Simple app, works great

This app has helped me manage my family's finances for close to a year.


I can't open this app anymore! I've been using it for a year now, but it continues to crash when I try to open it! Fix this please! Other than this its a great app!

Unhappy with purchase

I'm upset that I paid $1.99 for a budget app with such limited capabilities. I need regular bill pay, flexible amounts, and savings helper.

So simple

Finally a quick, easy way to budget! Super easy to add expenses and see where you are at each month.


App does not work. Waste of money. I could never get into it to even try it

Great app

I like it a lot. Easy to use and comprehensive.

Almost perfect

Love the product. If they eliminated, or made optional, where you are forced to enter "what I spent my money on" it would be perfect.

Great app!

I have purchased other apps like this, but none of them come close to this one!

Such a simple perfect way to budget

I love this app. I have used it over a year now. I just can't make myself follow the envelope system or a more in depth budget app. This is so fast and easy, keeps me in my budget and easily can watch my spending and habits. 5 star!!

Review of App

This app has opened my eyes about my spending habits. Have made changes and now I know where the money goes and I'm spending less. Thank you!


Outstanding app for tracking my spending!

Waste of money. Don't buy.

This app claims to be simple, but at each page there is a long list of instructions. Simplistic thing don't need instructions. The part that I hated the most was that you couldn't start a future bi-weekly budget. This does not help with planning.

Would love to see a little more fine-tuning...

Overall, I believe this app works as described. I think it could be greatly improved (IMHO!!) if budget numbers could be set for individual categories. For instance, if my budget for groceries is $100 and my budget for personal care is $20 and (insert 3 or 4 more categories), I'd like to see how I'm doing in each of those. This app is very close to that (you can group categories of expenses), but just needs that one layer added where I can set limits on any given category in a month.

Good with potential of being better

Great idea. I love that you can customize your billers and edit amounts after they have been entered. I also like that you can get a 1k foot view of where you are on your current budget limit. Some Suggestions: I would like to be able to budget ahead. I currently use Excel so that I can plan ahead. It would be nice to not have to access my computer every time a change needs to be made - but I can access this app to make adjustments. I am a planner. I know that I will need to budget for my kid's bday parties, vacation and such. This app - as is - is good for the current budget - but I wish I was able to look ahead and know that I will need to plan accordingly for extra expenses. Another perk would be that you know which bills are due when and that they automatically roll over to the next month so that you don't have to manually enter those reoccurring expenses every budget period. An example... I know our mortgage is due the first half of the month and our car payment falls in the second half of the month. So when I start to look ahead; these reoccurring expenses already show up for future budgeting periods until I specify that they no longer need to occur. Last but not least - is the capability to sync this with your bank like the "Mint" app so that you can schedule payments on billpay. If payments are due and no payment schedules have been made that an alert is sent to you as a friendly reminder. If these changes can happen - this app is a definite keeper. I would even pay more than .99c for it - if it catered to my wants and needs. How great to have something so needed and valuable at your finger tips. LOVE LOVE that it syncs with other devices.

Won't sync

Won't sync ever

Rather Helpful!

I enjoy using this app, well at the beginning of the month anyway haha! This app provides you services similar to what you would find if you keep up with purchases in a checkbook. This however is instantaneous, does the math for you, and has a tracker that tells you the date and how many days you have left in the month to spend the amount you have. It also has an extensive list of things for you to say that you spent/earned (you can add money to your budget) for the month. Don't see what you need? That's okay! There is a feature where you can create your own label. This app has helped me to become far more aware of what I spend and what I spend it on. The only thing I wish that it had was some sort of chart (ie pie chart) that would illustrate the spending I make every month. Besides that this app is a gem! (I have not had the loading problems that others have had.)

Won't open!

I bought this app 2 days ago, and still can't get it to open. What a rip off. Wish I could get that $1.99 back.

Do NOT buy this app!

Just bought this app, and it won't open!


really disappointed in this app! I was really excited about it, but trying to use it 2 days it has too many bugs to list. major ones: duplicate entries, my balance is always changing making life very confusing, i keep turning on icloud to sync with other devices & it keeps closing, app opens on my iphone for about a second and then closes, created new categories that disappeared. not sure why i am having so many issues when others are not. i really would like to be able to use this app. hope my experience improves.

My Budget

Love it. Keeps my spending down.

Money tight

Great app--- helps me with my budget, the key it's not complicated Thanks

Checkbook made easy!!

Great way to track expenses. By far the easiest app I've found to use. Finally something that helps keep my monthly spending in check!!

Waste of money

Takes forever to come up, freezes immediately, then crashes on my iPad2. I was looking forward to tracking expenses, but this app won't work. Time for the developers to spend some time on some fixes!!!

Good app for weekly budgeting

I like the flexibility this app provides. Instead of a bunch of categories that shift, I have one budget for flexible spending. I like the incentive of trying to stay in the green all week. I really like the new notes feature so I can enter in whether the purchase was a cash, debit or credit transaction.

Do not buy!!!

I just bought it and it's completely can I get my money back?


This app isn't what I thought it was going to be at all. I thought you would enter in your income, how much you have in bills, and how much you want to save and it would budget you... Nope. Nothing like that. It's stupid.

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